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Elena Osipova
Head of Content
by Jake Liban Pezzack

Elena Osipova has an extensive background in content and communications. Throughout her career, Elena has worked in various media contexts ‒ from Coca-Cola to the BBC, she's offered her expertise in everything from product marketing to diplomatic crises. This unconventional combination of corporate and humanitarian concerns has formed a truly unique perspective.

Emerging with an honours degree from the Moscow University of Journalism in 2007, Osipova made headway as the Editor of Expert Media Group (EMG), relaunching their website and developing their international media presence. Whilst enriching the reputation of the company, Elena completed her Master's study of Journalism at Roehampton University in 2009.

After working for a string of Russian publications, Elena landed a role with MICT (Media in Cooperation & Transition) in 2014. A non-profit German NGO, the company implemented media projects and initiatives in crisis zones across the globe. At this time, she also started her PhD studies at the University of Kent.
"MICT participate in some really great work. I was so lucky to have been involved. It was also a very pertinent role in relation to my PhD thesis, which is currently nearing completion."

Applying to EXANTE in 2018, Elena was appointed Head of Content, and has been overseeing the company's copy and social media campaigns ever since.
What initially attracted you to working here?
I was always interested in working within the FinTech sector. Even after a decade on the market, EXANTE has retained a sense of audacity and courage, which I really value. Here's a company that's always willing to try new approaches, and that's very much in keeping with my outlook.
How do you feel EXANTE champions and supports their female employees?
By not treating them differently. We don't have male or female employees. We just have employees, and that's amazing.
Tell us more about your current role. What excites you most about working for EXANTE?
I work as EXANTE's Head of Content. I run the greatest team in this company. They are all professionals at the top of their game. They're also an absolute joy to work with.

We have cutting-edge technology and services we are very proud of. Marketing our products is always an exciting undertaking.
Is there a particular achievement or accomplishment you're been most proud of?
At EXANTE, I'm really proud of my role in building a remarkable Content department.

In my media practice, I managed to devise a digital media strategy for Syrian peace talks in the UN, curating projects aimed at media professionals from opposing sides of ongoing conflicts. That's something I'll always cherish.
How do you think we can incentivise more women to pursue careers in the FinTech sector?
When I look for candidates, I don't concern myself with questions of gender. Neither does EXANTE's HR department. If more companies operated this way, there would be more women in FinTech.
What have been some of the most challenging aspects of your career? How did you surmount those obstacles?
I think everyone encounters friction. It's inevitable. It's important to know when to compromise, when to challenge, and when to move on.
Who or what has been the principal guiding force in your work life?
My goals and my dreams keep me inspired. I find that I'm at my best when I have something to work towards.
Who are some of your heroes?
People who don't give up. Doesn't matter who they are.
What advice would you give to ambitious young women starting out in their careers?
Don't expect fair play. Always go with your heart. Follow your goals, no matter what.